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Franklin Carriage House rooms have been developed and designed to meet the housing needs of individuals age 55 and over. Franklin Carriage House qualifies for the exemption to the family status rule in the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 because the project includes significant facilities and services specifically designed to meet the physical and social needs of older persons.


An applicant household must have at least one member age 55 or older to be considered for a room.


All marketing and tenant selection for Franklin Carriage House rooms will be conducted in conformance with and in the spirit of the following laws and regulations: 

  • Federal Fair Housing Act;

  • Executive Order 11063 – Equal Opportunity in Housing;

  • Title VI of Civil Rights Act of 1964;

  • Age Discrimination Act of 1975;

  • Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973;

  • Vermont State Housing and Public Accommodations Act.


Affirmative Marketing Plan

It is the policy of Franklin Carriage House to provide information and otherwise attract eligible persons from all racial, ethnic, and gender groups and persons having disabilities in the housing market.


In order to achieve this policy goal and to insure that all eligible persons are aware of this housing opportunity, Franklin Carriage House will: 

  1. Display the Equal Housing Opportunity logo and the fair housing poster in a prominent public location at Franklin Carriage House and at the office where applications are accepted.

  2. Include the Equal Housing Opportunity logo or Equal Housing Opportunity statement in any advertising and marketing materials for Franklin Carriage House.

  3. Contact the following organizations annually:

       1. Champlain Valley Agency On Aging

       2. Franklin County Home Health Agency

       3. Franklin County Senior Center

       4. Franklin-Grand Isle Community Action Agency

       5. St. Albans Housing Authority

       6. Abenaki Self-Help Association

       7. Vermont State Housing Authority – local representative

       8. Vermont Center for Independent Living

       9. Northwester Medical Center – Social Services

      10. Area Health Centers – Enosburg, Richford, Missisquoi


Tenant Selection

All households wishing to live at Franklin Carriage House will be asked to complete an application form which requests information required for selection and income verification, necessary for Low Income Housing Tax Credit and HOME program compliance. Applicants will be asked to provide landlord references, if any, and the names and addresses of at least three references who are not relatives.


The Manager will verify income and eligibility information in conformance with Low Income Tax Credit and HOME requirements, and will check landlord and personal references.


Selection of tenants will be made by management. Tenants who have a need for services will be given priority over tenants who don’t. Assistance from the Tenant Selection provided by Franklin Carriage House Committee of the Board may be used to help select tenants, staying within the boundaries of Equal Housing Opportunity legislation and in conformance with the following criteria.


Income Mix

  1. The eight market units will have no income restrictions.

  2. The ten restricted units will be occupied as follows:

      a. At minimum, there will be ten rooms rented to residents with incomes at or below 60% of the Median Income.

      b. At least three restricted rooms will be occupied by residents with income less than or equal to 50% of Median Income.


Eligibility Determination

  1. At least one Household Member must be 55 years old.

  2. The Household must be income eligible for an available apartment.

  3. References must confirm the Applicant’s ability to meet the terms of the lease.


Applicants who meet the above criteria will be evaluated and given consideration according to the following selection criteria:

  1. The two apartments which are fully accessible will not be assigned to a non-handicapped household, unless there are no handicapped applicants in need of the accessible features of the apartment and until the manager has advertised the availability of the apartment and has contacted advocacy organizations.

  2. Priority will be given in the following manner:

      a. Residents of Franklin Homestead will be given first preference.

      b. Full time or part time residents of Franklin, and their relatives, will be given second preference.

      c. Residents of Berkshire, Highgate, and Sheldon will be given third preference.

      d. All other applicants will be considered.


Tenants will be selected from the above qualified of applicants with consideration being given to the following situations:

  • Without Housing: Persons who are homeless, that are without a dwelling; or through no fault of their own, about to be evicted; or need to move for defined reason(s).

  • Inappropriate Living Conditions: Current living arrangement does not conform to housing codes; is unsafe, unsanitary, over-crowded, or unsuitable for present physical/mental/emotional condition; or inappropriately living with others.

  • Need Supportive Housing: e.g. 24-hour emergency coverage, accessible physical environment, social services, peer support, lack of access to transportation and shopping.

  • Is Interested In and Able to Contribute to the activities of the Carriage House.

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