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Just off Route 120 in the small town of Franklin, VT, tucked up against the tree line of a lush forest and surrounded by rolling meadows stands Franklin Homestead & Carriage House, affordable housing for people age 55 and older. Homestead and Carriage House residents live in safe, clean apartments in a beautiful, quiet setting.

Franklin Homestead Inc., a non-profit charitable organization, was formed in 1989 by several Franklin residents. Their dedication, vision and hard work made the opening of Franklin Homestead in 1993 possible.


Vermont Housing Conservation Board and Vermont Housing Finance Agency helped funding the project, which consisted of 23 apartments for seniors over 55.

 In 2001, Franklin Carriage House was built to provide further housing to meet the needs of the region. The Carriage House offers efficiency apartments to seniors 55 and older and offers a service package that includes meals, cleaning and laundry.  


Thanks to local dedication, hard work, and funding, these wonderful, affordable housing options are now available, nestled on beautifully landscaped grounds in the rural and active lake community of Franklin.

Franklin Homestead & Carriage House also provides work space for the regional SASH (Support And Services at Home) Coordinator. For more information about SASH, click here.

Donations to Franklin Homestead and Carriage House are tax deductible and help maintain high-quality housing at affordable prices for our seniors.   

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