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A Season of Gratitude

If ever there was a Thanksgiving to hone in and really focus on the everyday things that we’re grateful for, it’s this one.

Conditions are far from ideal, ten days out from one of the most cherished American holidays, so it’s more important than ever to approach life with an attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude for the little things we might take for granted. That first hot cup of coffee in the morning. The silent smile shared between yourself and someone else. An unanticipated, random kindness from a stranger.

Gratitude for that magical stuff that makes us human. Empathy. Humor. Love.

Gratitude for the one thing in your life you might not give nearly enough thanks for. Yourself.

At Franklin Homestead & Carriage House, just like everywhere else, it’s a struggle sometimes to hold gratitude for the run-of-the-mill elements that get us through the day. Especially at a time of year when traditions we spend the year anticipating aren’t able to be enjoyed.

But we’re all learning to dig deep and give thanks for what we have. Some days we succeed. Other days we don’t.

We keep trying, though, and we help – and give thanks for – each other out along the way.

Photo: A Thanksgiving decoration at Franklin Carriage House.

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