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A Time of Need

At this point it's a cliché to say that the past year has been challenging in ways we never expected. But some clichés are true, and that's one of them.

Things are certainly no different here at Franklin Homestead & Carriage House. As 2020 winds down, one of the most significant challenges we're dealing with is financial, and we need your help.

Long story short, we need to raise $15,000 before the end of the year.

A perfect storm of significantly rising insurance costs, COVID-19, and the need to pay our workers a wage equal to the challenges they face in the new normal has placed us somewhere we've never been before, and for the first time in over three decades, we are conducting a fundraising campaign.

As the fundraising letter below explains – in more formal terms – that our residents live on fixed incomes, and we do our best to keep rent at the Homestead and rent and service fees at the Carriage House affordable for everyone.

Today I'm asking you to do two things:

1) Please donate to Franklin Homestead & Carriage House. The easiest way to donate is by visiting the Donate page on our website and letting Paypal do the rest. You can also donate by sending a check to Franklin Homestead, Inc. at 142 Homestead Drive, Franklin, VT 05457.

2) Please download the PDF of our fundraising letter and send it along to a few folks who you think would like to help out. Or print it out and have a conversation with others. Whichever way is easiest for you.

We know that raising $15,000 in a month is a big ask. In a different world, we would have had our ducks in a row on this months ago, and we'd be winding things down instead of gearing up. But life has been a constant scramble lately, same as everybody else, and this is where we're at.

If you have questions about our fundraising efforts, feel free to reach out to me at


Download PDF • 96KB

November 25, 2020

Dear friend,

The past year has posed unprecedented challenges, and as 2020 begins to wind down, we are reaching out to ask for your help.

We have faced unexpectedly large increases in insurance costs and made the commitment to pay our staff wages comparable to the cost of living and the hazards of working during the pandemic. Despite all this, we have continued to provide safe, affordable, convenient housing for our residents.

We find ourselves planning for an uncertain future. Most of our residents live on fixed incomes, and annual benefit increases don’t come close to matching our expenses. Our income will not meet our expenses this year, and we need your help to keep our rent and services affordable for our area seniors.

We need to raise $15,000 by the end of the year. With your help, we can keep offering reliable, high-quality housing to those 55 and older. And we can grow stronger together.

Online donations can be made at Donations may also be mailed to Franklin Homestead, Inc., at:

Franklin Homestead & Carriage House

142 Homestead Drive

Franklin, VT 05457

Thank you,

Stacy Silloway, Manager

Ethan Dezotelle, Assistant Manager

The Franklin Homestead, Inc., Board of Directors

Jay Hartman, Chair

Richard Boudreau

Vera Gates

Pam Greene

Mary Larose

Jean Richard

Anne Vaillancourt

Patricia Whittemore

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