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Making Hard Times Special

Finding our way through the pandemic is tough at times, and with the constant challenged and changes, we often find ourselves forcing on things we don’t have. This is especially true when holidays, birthdays, and other special events come along and we are unable to celebrate as we once did.

Franklin Carriage House residents got a special treat on Saturday thanks to Elsa Rood and some of her after school program students at Franklin Central School. They made amazing Halloween and Autumn cards to share with the folks here, and their act of kindness brought smiles to lots of faces.

When the cards were passed out, comments from residents included, “This is so sweet,” “It’s nice to know someone is thinking of us,” and “Those are special kids.”

All statements that are completely true and easy to agree with.

As we leave the spookiest of holidays behind us and move into a season of gratitude, we’ll be doing our best at Franklin Homestead & Carriage House to be on the lookout for silver linings and be thankful when we find them.

Many thanks to Elsa Rood and the Franklin Central School students who made those wonderful cards. Please know that you made a positive difference in the lives of 17 people. You rock!

If you are interested in connecting with a Franklin Carriage House resident as a pen pal or simply by sending a greeting card, please email Assistant Manager Ethan Dezotelle at

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Nov 04, 2020

I have some ideas. I will let you know where they go.

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