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Signs of Spring

Note: Be sure to read through to the end to view a photo gallery of recent events.

The season of rebirth hit early this year.

The daffodils, lilies, and crocuses in my backyard shot out of the earth at record speed, well before the calendar turned over to April. It’s almost like they were huddled up in their bulbs, just waiting for the cold weather to pass so they could burst forth from the dreary landscape, full of color and bursting with energy.

I think that after a year of isolation, quarantine, and uncertainty, we all know how those flowers feel.

And as the outside world began to thaw, so to did life inside Franklin Homestead & Carriage House. And now it’s hard to keep up with all the signs of spring, hope, and renewal that are popping up here.

Which is pretty great.

Over the past week or so, in no particular order:

• Carriage House residents have begun dining together again for noontime meals.

We’re alternating hallways for the time being, and it’s been great to see folks begin to congregate together safely in small groups. It’s tough to see that the last year of isolation and worry has led to hesitation in some residents to rejoin their peers, but it’s also understandable. I’m not exactly champing at the bit to engage in social activities I love like going to the movie theater or attending concerts.

This will take time, and we’ll get there the same way we’ve gotten through the pandemic thus far: together.

• The hairdresser is back.

This is huge.

Haircuts were one of the hot-button issues nationally when we first began to shelter in place and small businesses closed up. For our residents, not having Lorraine the hairdresser around meant no haircuts, perms, or coloring.

Back in the autumn, Lorraine was able to return for bit while COVID numbers were down and community spread had slowed. But once cases began to spike again in October, we had to stop again. For five months, curly hair went straight, brown turned white, and well-groomed turned shaggy.

When Lorraine set up shop again at the end of March, she was busy for four days straight. But she got through every resident who wanted a haircut, perm, or coloring. Among residents, the excitement level for all this might have even exceeded their vaccination shots a few weeks earlier.

• Activities are returning.

Last Monday, for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began, our FELCO Room at Franklin Homestead hosted a crafting activity led by a community member.

Karey Edele came in to make no-sew Easter bunnies with Homestead residents. She had 10 or so folks sign up and participate. Folks wore masks and kept safe distances while enjoying being together and doing something different.

Even Lulu, one of our resident pooches, got in the action, sitting on her owner’s lap and keeping a close eye on everything

• Residents joined families for Easter.

For the first time since the pandemic began, residents were able to visit loved ones for a holiday and return without having to quarantine afterward. And loved ones were able to visit residents in their rooms and spend time safely while masked up.

The bright smiles that spread across faces were evident even under masks. The loneliness and tension that had been a hallmark of the national atmosphere over the past year lightened a bit as people reconnected. And as residents went out or loved ones came in, joy was their companion.

• Giving remains in season.

Franklin Homestead & Carriage House residents have received much from the community in recent days. The Franklin Central School after school program, led by Elsa Rood, made stuffies for Carriage House residents. The younger students in the Christian Friday School put together Easter treat bags for Homestead and Carriage House residents. And the older students from that group built raised garden beds for residents to plant in as the gardening season begins.

No matter how often it happens or what form it comes in, we will never not be impressed, humbled, and overjoyed by the generosity shown to our residents and our organization by the community we live in. We are so thankful to all who give and support us, no matter the form it comes in.

As spring well and truly begins, everyone at Franklin Homestead & Carriage House wishes you and yours a season of health, safety, and happiness. Be well.

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