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Thanks for supporting Franklin Homestead & Carriage House

Dear Community,

The Franklin Homestead, Inc., board of directors, residents, and staff would like to publicly express our deep gratitude to the dozens of individuals, businesses, churches, and organizations that donated to our end-of-year fundraising campaign.

As 2020 drew to a close, we projected a net loss of well over $15,000 in our roughly $500,000 annual budget, due to the combined impact of unanticipated COVID-19 expense, loss of rental income related to the ongoing pandemic, and significantly increased insurance costs. While far from ideal, this was a necessary loss we took on in the name of keeping our residents safe and healthy during unprecedented times, as well as ensuring that our staff was supported appropriately.

An urgent letter of appeal was personally distributed by us to families, friends, and neighbors, as well as via our website,, and social media, requesting donations to help raise $15,000 to cover some of those expenses. Seventy-five donations came in, not only from dedicated members of our local community, but also from good Samaritans as far away as Illinois.

As a result of this support, Franklin Homestead, Inc., is pleased to announce that we raised nearly $25,000 during December. To say that we are humbled and overwhelmed by this outpouring of generosity would be an understatement. Surpassing our goal to this degree allowed us to close out 2020 with a majority of our losses covered. It also allowed us to end a very difficult year with joy and gratitude in our hearts.

Thank you,

The Franklin Homestead, Inc., Board of Directors

Jay Hartman, Chair

Richard Boudreau

Vera Gates

Pam Greene

Mary Larose

Jean Richard

Patricia Whittemore

Stacy Silloway, FHI Manager

Ethan Dezotelle, FHI Assistant Manager

And the residents and staff of Franklin Homestead & Carriage House

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